Dog Door Installation

durable dog doors that will last

Hidden Pet Fence of Albany, NY Inc. can also provide and install professional grade dog doors. All sizes of dogs (and even cats!) can fit through our dog doors that are designed to withstand harsh weather. The double-flap door is our most durable and we also provide single flap doors.  All of our doors are high quality from using such brands as Ideal®, Hale®, & Plexidor®. We do not offer cheap or low quality dog doors made by Pet Safe®.  We only offer insulated & energy efficient dog doors that save on your heat and A/C cost. We are the capitol districts  best supplier for installed dog, cat, and puppy doors.  No one in the industry can match the high quality and service that we provide.  At Hidden Pet Fence of Albany, we even have electronic dog doors which will open for your pet, automatically, when it approaches the door with a clip on their dog fence collar.

Severe weather dog doors

Bad weather is, unfortunately, common in the capital district of NY but don’t worry because we have the dog door for you.  Our dog doors are energy efficient and are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions along with a double flap feature that provides even more protection.

  • Structural foam plastic frame made specifically for doors that are any thickness
  • Extra Energy Efficient (EEF) double flap made from durable hi-grade vinyl creates an  air pocket for maximum insulation
  • Its the most Durable and safe construction in the industry