Real Testimonials From Real Customers

Why did you choose Hidden Pet Fence of NY over Invisible Fence® Brand?

“We had Ralph and Hidden Pet Fence instal a hidden fence with a rechargeable collar for our Jack Russell terrier. The service was great! He came out to give us an estimate and and to describe the way the fence works. It was installed the following week. The only issues we had was that the Time Warner line that came into the house was causing the collar to go off. They were out to fix it the following day. The service from them has been great. Since then we have been able to access the staff and get and needed assistance. I would highly suggest Ralph and Hidden Pet Fence of Rochester and the rechargeable collar!”

J. Berlucchi
Albany, NY

“Just want to thank the guys that were out on 4/14/15. Not only was my appointment scheduled rather quickly, the guys were prompt, courteous, and efficient at there job. Thanks for the Job Well Done!!!!”

Patio Man
Albany, NY

“Hidden Pet Fence provided excellent advice about how to design, and the choice of product to meet our needs. The installer was very efficient and polite. The work was impressively meticulous, including the indoor garage layout for the equipment and wiring. The collar is very comfortable for our dog with the retractable pins. The training was effective and support has been excellent. The fence is working out great, and I could not be more pleased. In short, you can not go wrong with this company for a combination of price and quality service. Highly recommended.”

Gary C.
Schenectady, NY

“It works perfect. 3 people said that an invisible fence would not keep my dog in and the guy gave us a guarantee that it would work. My dog is stubborn and not so smart, and the trainer had to use the collar that works past the line because of how crazy my dog is. The collar that works past the line is what we liked about the dog yard fence vs the invisible fence “company”. We also chose them because they are a local company and not a huge franchise. I couldn’t be happier with this company.”

R. Mauger
Albany, NY

“I had a great experience with hidden pet fence. I called, got a quote from 2 companies and this one was the best option. We chose them because they are a local company, and was more knowledgeable and less expensive then the other company, and they had a better warranty. Highly recommended!”

J. Thomas
Albany, NY

“The customer service is awesome on the phone and in person. They are not pushy, and explain the fence and provide ongoing training for the dogs. They are very flexible when scheduling trips to my house. With work, and all the kids sporting events, that is somewhat challenging to be home. I highly recommend them.”

Betsy C.
Albany, NY

“I have been using this company for 7 years. They have the best service and prices, and also have an office to go to If we need something. Their office staff is great to work with and to get a repair made on the line at my house is done quickly. We tried a different company originally for a repair and the cost were much higher and they were booked out 4 weeks. This company was there the next day for less money. High recommendation for them.”

Sue C.
Albany, NY

“We had a very good experience with dog yard hidden fence. They were out in 3 days from our initial call, the repaired the line and trained our dog using the fence we already owned. They were friendly, talented, and affordable, and not pushy! great job.”

Ronald Vega
Albany, NY

“Ralph was quick with his response to my initial request for a quote. He arrived at the time he said he would and was very clear and to the point in his explanation of all products and services. I really like the fact that his products are not priced by the amount of wire needed. My wife and I were originally just going to do the back yard but he explained that because it’s the same cost regardless it was better protection for our animals to do both the front and back yards in case one of them got out through the front door. Nick, the installation man, was fantastic. He called to let me know what time he was coming and actually showed up 20 minutes earlier. We still have snow here and he was still able to get the wire sunk into the ground to avoid a return trip. My garage only has one outlet but he came up with a great solution on how to get around it since I have plaster walls and it wont take staples so the wire could’ve been sloppily done but he borrowed my step ladder and ran the wire a different way and it’s perfect. The training after the install was fantastic. Both of my dogs got the hint very quickly and the slow ramp up in power levels meant the got the idea and the collar is programmed to the lowest possible, effective level so as to not cause any undo pain/fear to my dogs. The cut through the driveway is sealed well and I do not anticipate any issues. The directions for ongoing training without him around are clear and easy to understand. I am looking forward to enjoying many years of fun and freedom knowing my dogs will be safe in the yard!! Thanks to Ralph and his team!!!!”

Andrew Lloyd
Albany, NY

“Great company to work with because they are honest. They put our old fence in the new house and didn’t try to sell me things we didn’t want or need. The company we originally purchased from would not install our old system in the new house because it was old and outdated. It worked fin and still does. Ralph gave us options and a quote and installed it in a few days time. I highly recommend him and his staff. They are great to work with!”

Christine Ant
Schenectady, NY

“Great to work with…friendly, funny, and very dog knowledgeble. I can see why several neighbors, my vet and the dog trainer said to use them. I couldnt be happier with the whole process. Thanks Ralph and Nick!”

Zak C.
Albany, NY

“We are all very happy with this company! The owner Ralph is great to work with , and Nick did a great job with putting it in. I was sceptical of getting an invisible fence because I have one 4lb and one 148 lb dog, and I have worked in a vet office for over 12 years, and have heard bad things about invisible fences. The 3 main negatives i hear from clients were 1- sores on the dogs neck 2- small dogs being shocked and scared 3- big or energetic dogs run through… The complaints were never from someone that used Ralphs fence. When I met with him, he showed me comfort contacts, to stop the sores on the dogs and cats necks. He explained positive , not hurtful training that is 100% succesful, and there is a collar for stubborn, energetic or fast dogs, with a different type of training that will keep any dog in. The collar works past the line, and that is a huge advantage over other invisible fences. Once my top 3 concerns were covered, I knew this was going to be the right choice. Plus it was $3000 less then a chain link fence that my little one might dig under. AND they did the front yard , which the chain link would have been double the cost then just the back yard.”

S. Quigley
Albany, NY

“I originally bought my Hidden Pet Fence when I lived in Greece and Ralph did a great job with the fence and the dog training. My neighbors were especially happy because now I could let my dog outside and she would do her business on my lawn and not there’s! When I moved to the eastside 5 years later, to a house that had an Invisible Fence, he came right out and made the necessary updates, flagged the property and re-trained the dog. It was a seamless thansition. Great job Ralph!”

Albany, N.Y.

“We got a quote from the owner Ralph and everything he told us about at the estimate exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend his company to anyone.”

Leslie Beamer
Albany, NY

“Very competitive pricing plans in comparison to other companies. They are locally owned, pet friendly, professional and their service is outstanding — even help out during evening hours! The trainers are certified and they don’t use scare tactics or hurt the dog during training. The collars are put on a low setting and they don’t hurt the dog or scare them into avoiding the yard. They also have a battery replacement program to ensure the dog’s collar always has a fresh, working battery.”

Joe M.
Albany, NY

“Sometimes I feel like Pet Safe’s “poster boy”. At one time I installed my own pet fence, but after breaking the wire in a few places and being hit by lightning, Pet Safe installed a new armored fence wire and a new transmitter. There price was extremely competitive and I should have used their service from the start. They were able to use our old collars and save us that expense.”

Tony Vella
Schenectady, NY

“Ralph did our dog yard invisible fence for our 2 shiatsu puppies. Our biggest concern was that it would not work for our stubborn, hyper, very fast male, and he would run right past it. our female was already skittish, so we thought it might make her worse. Ralph followed through on his word that the training would be positive and both dogs would learn with no problems. It took a few training lessons for him to make it work, and now we don’t have to worry about the dogs when someone opens the door and they go running outside. I highly recommend this company.”

K. Hill
Albany, NY

“We got the other company for our last dog when we lived in Pittsford 2 years ago. The whole process from the beginning, was not good at all and we got our money back (most of it anyway). Our Veterinarian told us, when we got our new Beagle, to try Hidden Pet Fence, since they were locally owned and the owner Ralph was a guy and a great trainer. Everything went great. The sales estimate, the installation and the training, were all the exact opposite experience we had at Invisible fence. If it were not for the Vet recommendation, we would have never bought a fence, and Dakota would have needed to stay tied up. I hope this helps someone looking for a fence. You will be very impressed with this company!”

J. B.
Albany, NY

“Very customer oriented service with no pretenses. Lower priced than Invisible Fence, personal and professional installation and pet-sensitive training. Ralph has a great operation going here. Highly recommend.”

Bill T.
Albany, NY