Underground Dog Fence FAQ

Here are the most common questions we get asked about our service…


  • What is an underground dog fence? In short, we bury a wire around yo2 dogs safely playing inside of an underground pet containment systemur yard and hook it to a transmitter. From the wire, a frequency is sent out to your pet’s collar,keeping them in the containment area.  We offer training as part of service to condition your dog to this transition in a fast and humane way.






  • When my pet gets near the fence, will he get shocked only? your dog wont even think about charging down an electronic fence after that first correctionNo. First, warning beep and then a correction zone follows to create a buffer zone for your pet so that no correction (or sparce correction) is needed.





  • Is the shock hurtful? Our correction system is completely adjustable.Underground Electronic Fences Keep Dogs Playing With A Ball In The Yard With Tongue Out SafeEverything starts in a low setting and is slowly adjusted to meet your pet’s needs.  In short, only the minimal amount of shock is used in our training session with your dog in order to prepare him or her to the point where they will only require a small amount of correction to keep them in the designated areas only.




  • My friend has a system from another company. Will your system work with theirs?Yes, A safe playing dog is a happy dogwe can program our collars to work on any systems and other collars to work on ours (most cases though each case is specific).



  • What is DM FM and AM signals, and what do you use? The industry is filed with China made AM and FM low keep your dog in the yard doesn't have to be like pulling teethgrade signals.We use DM (digital modulation) which is the highest grade signal that can be used. Unlike other company’s collars, ours will not shock your dog because of interference (a common problem with many cheap alternatives in this industry).


  • You service New York, what if I move out of State? cute dog rolling around inside the perimeter of a pet containment systemWe have a nation-wide dealer network. We can give you the contact information to the dealer in your new area. They will continue the warranty on your product as well.


  • Can you service my system after hours or weekends? Big dogs, little dogs, etc.  All of them can be trained on a certified hidden pet fenceYes. In today’s time of busy schedules, we know how hard it can be to stay at home for an estimate or for service. We are available when you need us. Early morning, nights, weekends… Our competitor will send salesmen to your home at night and on the weekends to collect your money, but when you need service or training after hours, forget it. We are here to service you before, during and after the sale.


  • Can I adjust the shock levels with your system? hidden pet fences work under water as wellYes. Our collars offer the wide range of adjustments in the area. Small, timid dogs and puppies may use a gentle shock, and stubborn dogs may need a higher level. All the collars we offer have adjustments YOU can change.